About Us

  Our life with Alaskan Malamutes started with a puppy girl from Storm Kloud Kennels, and that’s when the Magic started. Magic taught us a lot about malamutes, as companions, working and show dogs.

Joe is a magician, so we named our first two malamutes Magic and Trix. When we decided this would be a serious hobby, we needed a kennel name. Keeping with the theme we settled on Illusion. Each of the puppies that we keep are named after magicians, illusions or other effects. You can read about each dog’s name on their page.

We enjoy many activities with our Malamutes such as conformation shows, weight pulls and agility.  When we made the decision to breed, we made the commitment to ourselves and our puppy owners to produce Alaskan Malamutes that are sound in mind and body.  We are doing just that; producing dogs that are winners in the ring, on the trail and in the hearts of their families.

Contact us: info@IllusionMalamutes.com

Many thanks to the friends who have taken the pictures we use on our web site.

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